Fido Nylon Tuff+ (Extra Heavy Duty) Bone (Beef) - 4 sizes available

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  • Non-toxic
  • Helps prevent tartar and plaque buildup which can lead to Gingivitis
  • Keeps teeth and gums healthy
  • DIY tooth cleaning
  • Made from polyurethane (artificial rubber), not plastic
  • Made in America
  • Bullyproof Guarantee
  • Tested by Staffies, Pitbulls and German Sheppard's



In cooperation with a leading veterinary dentist and after careful study of the dogs instinctive chewing behaviour and teeth and jaws, the bone was designed to be wedge shaped and curved on the ends which helps fit the way dogs chew. This design helps significantly to control tartar and plaque build up, which can lead to periodontal disease.

 As tough as they make them. These bones are made to withstand the most powerful of chewers. Just a heads up,Tyson is not a huge fan of these as he can't destroy them quick enough. He enjoys destroying his toys a little too much and if given a choice, would rather demolish an Extra Tuff bone. Your wallet however, would thank you for this choice.

Made in the USA from super-tough polyurethane and has a tasty beef-stew flavored built right in.

Size guide:

L 19cm for dogs 23kg and above


M 16cm for dogs 16-22kg


S 13cm for dogs 9-15kg


XS 11cm for dogs 2-8kg

No toy is truly indestructible. Always supervise your furry mate during playtime. Remove the toy when you are not around. Dispose of toy when toy is destroyed