Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Medium

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Perfect for dogs who don't quite understand the concept of chasing a ball just yet. Or perhaps your arms starting to hurt and your dogs getting sick of some underwhelming tosses.


Introducing... the flying squirrel from Chuckit! Made of rugged nylon, the Flying Squirrel features an aerodynamic shape which maximizes lift in the air and creates visual excitement for your dog (after all which dog could possibly say no to chasing a squirrel). The raised sides and durable rubber feet makes pick up easy for you and your dog. It's also suitable for aquatic play time!

Go on! Chuckit! Just once more.


Size guide:

Medium 26cm x 26cm

Large 29cm x 29 cm


No toy is truly indestructible. Always supervise your furry mate during playtime. Remove the toy when you are not around.