How you make a difference

Here at Bullyproof, Tyson constantly reminds us that he was one of the lucky ones. To end up in a no kill shelter and to have found a permanent warm bed. 


So it just didn't feel right to us that we just sat around and watched the great work others were working so hard to achieve. As our way of making a difference and supporting the amazing and often thankless work which many unsung heroes have decided to take on, we will select a rescue, shelter or group doing great work and donate  60% of our profits. It's our way of making a difference, and you are a huge part of it. With every purchase, you are making a difference; you are helping to save a life, and you are giving one of the forgotten and unloved ones get a second chance.


If you know of a shelter or rescue group, no matter how big or small, which you would like to put forward for this program, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact us at


Our rescue group of choice this time is A1 Wheatbelt Dog Rescue in WA. To find out more about their work or to make a direct donation, visit them at