Bullyproof Guarantee

Quality products are the main reason we exist. This is why, at Bullyproof, we put our money where our mouths are and back EVERY CHEW TOY sold on our website. If a chew toy is destroyed* within 14 days of purchase, we offer a one time replacement warranty.** This is separate from the manufacturers warranty. This is our commitment to only stocking the best products for you. We have complete confidence in the items we stock that even when manufacturers won't warranty a product, as long as you see Bullyproof Gurantee stated in the description, we've got you covered.

You have the peace of mind in knowing that the items you receive are safe, free from defect, and durable - and that money spent with us is an investment in your dogs play time.


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* Destroyed means the toy no longer functions as it was intended to. Chew marks or damage including small chunks off the toy does not mean the toy is destroyed.

**One time replacement guarantee is applicable once per customer per toy. You simply need to get the size that corresponds to your dog's weight!

***Plush toys, fitness tracker, apparels (including leads and collars) are not covered by the Bullyproof Guarantee. These items may be covered by the manufacturers warranty.