About Us

Our journey started from the moment we decided we were going to adopt our little guy Tyson. In preparation to bring him home, the amount of options for dog toys we came across was immense. And we had no idea where to start. Almost all the different brands claimed to be the best and most durable, and everyone had a sales pitch for us. Half the products we bought were destroyed in a matter of minutes - this meant the toys became a safety hazard for Tyson and a money pit for us.


So what we have done is taken all the knowledge, research and experience we have gained and placed the toys and items which have stood up to testing on this one site. And we stand by our choices by backing them up with the Bullyproof Guarantee.


As for pricing, the old adage holds true. You get what you pay for. But we have done our best to negotiate the lowest price to keep it affordable for everyone. No fake prices which are reduced to make it look like a discount. And no premium prices for cheap items drop shipped from China. Just high quality, durable products.


All products sold by us are tested by power chewers for power chewers. Check out our range here


Meet our CEO and Head of Quality Assurance.