Why do dogs chew? And how do you save your furniture?

If you’ve got a dog or are thinking of getting a dog, the one universal fact all dog owners need to come to terms with is: dogs chew. Chewing is not a problem, it is a natural dog habit and instinct. It is however a problem when they start destroying your shoes and furniture. So your main challenge is to re-direct their behaviour. Before we get into that, here are a few reasons they chew:


Instict: dogs are instinctual creatures. In the wild, a dog is a predator and hunt animals. Your fluffy slippers or expensive leather shoes, remind your dog of such animals.


Boundaries: Dogs simply don’t understand human boundaries and rules. At the park, they are allowed to chase and chew on sticks. Unfortunately, your wooden furniture also looks like fair game to the doggo when you get home. They are unable to tell the difference between an ‘allowed’ and ‘not allowed’ piece of wood.


Teething: Just like a baby who’s teething, their gums are irritated when they go through the process. So just as an infant chews on it’s dummy to relieve the tenderness and relax themselves, so too will your dog


Stress and anxiety relieve: Dogs find the act of chewing and licking relaxing. Chewing and licking releases dopamine which comforts them and makes them happy.


Boredom: we leave for work for 8-10 hours a day. In that time, your dog is on it’s home without any stimulating sights or smells. They may also have excess energy they need to get rid of if they aren’t walked enough or being mentally stimulated.


Hunger: dogs on a calorie restricted diet will go searching for nutrition elsewhere. You know that couch of yours? A hungry dog may just start viewing it as a yummy hotdog.


One of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted chewing is to provide your dog with an alternative when you catch your dog chewing on things its not supposed too. It shouldn't be too hard to catch them in the act. As they don't realise that what they are doing is not permitted, they'd quite happily pick up your shoes or slippers right in front of you to chomp down on. Simply stop your dog when that happens, take away the item you're trying to save, and give the dog a chew toy instead.


Bullyproof have a wide range of chew toys for any sized dog. We have flavour infused Fido Bones to keep your dog interested for longer, treat dispensing Can Toys and Buddy Ball for mental stimulation or plush toys for dogs that love to destroy fluffy slippers.


Our Magnum can toy is the toughest of the lot if you have a power chewer. With a one-time replacement guarantee, if your dog destroys our Magnum range within 6 months of purchase, we’ll send you a new one for free. All you have to do is choose the right size for your dogs’ weight during purchase, and send us a picture of the destroyed product. Simple!


We stand by all our products and all our chew toys come with a guarantee. How many companies do you know that offer you that peace of mind?


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Tyson attempting to destroy his Can Toy. He’s had it for over a month and a half and it’s still going strong.