What's in a chew toy?

We all worry about the stuff we put into our mouths. We also worry and fuss about the stuff that goes into our offsprings mouths (pacifiers, teething toys etc). So wouldn’t you also stop to consider if the toys your fuzzy buddy chews on is safe?
Unfortunately, there are no legislations in place that require dog toy manufacturers to test levels of chemicals present in dog products. So that budget, $5 vinyl toy your dog is slobbering on could contain hazardous toxins.
Some chew toys may also be manufactured from recycled plastics or vinyl.
You can find out more about the dangers of vinyl here. 
If you have a dog (like ours) who seems to take great pleasure in destroying their toys, purchasing inexpensive items may seem like a sound economic choice. However, investing in high quality products is better for your dog’s long-term health.
Check a toys packaging before purchasing it. Look for toys that are listed as non-toxic and if possible, BPA and phthalate free. Or ask the store you are about to purchase from. They should be able to answer your questions.
Bullyproof are suppliers of the safest and toughest chew toys in Australia. Our Sodapup range are American made, FDA approved and made to the highest standards. They are non-toxic and made from latex from sustainable rubber plantations.