Should I leave my dog alone with toys?

Good question! The safest answer is no. BUT not all toys are made equal, and some toys have been designed to address this issue.


Whilst there may already be a wide variety of favorites in your dog’s toy box, most toys and treats require supervision, and are best put away before you leave. If you have a power/aggressive chewer, your challenge is even greater.


Plush toys may break open, enabling access to the squeaker inside. Rope toys may fray and shred and your dog could end up eating strands of rope. And pieces of rubber or plastic may break off from cheap chew toys.


When deciding which toys to leave out, always think safety first and consider which toys are likely to splinter, shred or pose a risk to your dog.


Bullyproof have a range of toys that are safe for home alone use. These toys are tough, durable, toxin free and will help keep your dog out of mischief while you are away. Even though our toys are safe for alone use, it is still important to periodically check your dog’s toys for signs of wear and replace the toys if they may pose a hazard.


Our toughest range are the:

Magnum Can Toy

Staffie Ball

Crazy Bounce


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